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Our trained installers will clean and prep your vehicle before the application of paint protection film. We would ask that you inform us of any coatings or treatments you have had put on the car as these may affect how easily the film can be applied. Prior work does not mean that Invisible Paint Protection is impossible, purely that we may need to prepare the car slightly differently. Should coatings need to be removed, this may be charged for. 


1. Standard strength/ PH neutral shampoos are recommended; we advise against using high strength chemicals that are typically used in cheap hand car washes as they are very aggressive.

2. We recommend washing regularly to prevent contamination buildup around exposed edges.


​3. Avoid pressure washing too close to exposed edges.

4. Waxing is recommended to enhance the gloss finish of the topcoat; it also offers further protection to the film. This can be done as normal.

5. As a wax build up can be unsightly we recommend the use of our specially formulated PPF Cleaner which is available separately or as part of our after care kit. Our kits contains products which, through our experience, are formulated to be most compatible with the film and that we use when preparing the car before and after film.  


Jules Sturgess Automotive cannot guarantee the quality of re-sprayed paintwork due to the irregularity of products, workmanship and curing processes. Therefore we cannot accept any liability to damage caused by the removal of paint protection film to re-sprayed paintwork.


The Company uses PPF from various manufacturers who give their own guarantees of film life time, resistance to yellowing, cracking, delamination, peeling, bubbling and other manufacturing and material defects which are passed in full to the Owner following the Work.


The Work comes with a 3 year warranty against delamination, peeling and bubbling as a result of any error by the Company in application of the PPF. The Warranty does not cover the penetration or marking of the film subsequent to collection through any cause. The Warranty also does not cover lifting  and damage of the material due to post-collection negligence by the Owner in treatment of the PPF. Lifting can occur when using high pressure washers incorrectly and through application of harsh chemicals.

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