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Having your car PPF'd is a big investment and it's understandable that people have questions. We have tried to answer many of these below but feel free to discuss these with us and ask as many questions as you like! 

Check out the videos below from Suntek (our preferred film supplier) in which you'll hear answers from their Pros or scroll down to our FAQs 

Ask The Pros

Ask The Pros

Ask The Pros
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SunTek Ask The Pros ─  What is PPF?

SunTek Ask The Pros ─ What is PPF?

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SunTek Ask The Pros ─  How Does PPF Work?

SunTek Ask The Pros ─ How Does PPF Work?

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SunTek Ask the Pros - How Long Does Paint Protection Film Last?

SunTek Ask the Pros - How Long Does Paint Protection Film Last?

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SunTek Ask the Pros - Why Professional Install Only?

SunTek Ask the Pros - Why Professional Install Only?

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  • What is paint protection film made from?
    The film is a multi layer polyurethane film designed to protect the paint with a physical buffer against flying road debris (salt, stones etc.) It is optically clear and has a permanently fluid gel top coat which gives it the the ability to self heal small wounds and scratches. It is very thin (0.2mm).
  • Will the film be visible after fitment?
    We refer to our fitments as invisible paint protection because, as much as possible, you can't see it. We wrap the film around panels where feasible so a line can't be seen at all. This isn't always possible on corners where, if you look closely, you will a see a line less than a centimetre. Where it isn't viable to wrap around a panel there will be a line where the film finishes but you will have to look closely for it and is barely visible. Panels covered look no different to those that aren't. To limit expectations, PPF is not paint! It is clear plastic film over the top of the paint to protect it from stone chips. It is a compromise. Certain colours (very light / white) will show edges more easily when the car is dirty for obvious reasons - dirt is dark, the paint is white! This is not a fault with fitment or film; it is a limtation of the material and process. However this is negated by maintaining the car and the film regularly.
  • Which film do you use?
    The best film on the market is Suntek and this is the one we use. We have used Xpel and can do but we feel the quality of the Suntek film is better so use this for all gloss cars. We still use Xpel film for matt film (stealth).
  • Do you have to cut the film on the car?
    No. We make sure that we modify templates as required before the film is cut. It is too risky to cut film on the car because paintwork can be damaged. Some of the biggest companies still do it but you don't know whether paint is cut until it is removed in some cases. Such damage will require a respray. It should not be done.
  • Can it be removed?
    Yes, the film can be removed without any damage to the car. We wouldn't recommend that you do this yourself and get a trained installer to do it. This is a timely job and is usually charged by any company.
  • Will paintwork fade under the film?
    Older films were criticized for 'yellowing'. The newest generations of films (we use Xpel ultimate-plus, the best on the market at the moment) no longer do this, they are totally unaffected by UV light but they do however pass it. This allows the paint underneath the film to age (fade) at the same rate as the paint that is not covered by the film, so as to prevent differences in paint colour of protected panels vs not protected panels.
  • Can the film be applied to any paint finish?
    Yes. We can use a film appropriate to the paint finish. For example, a matt paint will require a stealth film to ensure that the finish is 'invisible' and the look of the paint remains exactly the same. However, if a panel has been resprayed quite often there are areas of over spray where the film would normally wrap in. This would require extra work to remove the overspray so the film will adhere. Again, please note that edges (where the film can't be wrapped) will be easier to see on white cars. Some people might notice a very minor difference in the appearance of panels which are covered compared to those that aren't. We often have cars in storage that people can see should they have concerns about how it will look on the car.
  • How do you care for the film and is it affected by washing or waxing?
    1. Standard strength/ PH neutral shampoos are recommended; we advise against using high strength chemicals that are typically used in cheap hand car washes as they are very aggressive. ​ 2. We recommend washing regularly to prevent contamination buildup around exposed edges. ​3. Avoid pressure washing too close to exposed edges. ​ 4. Waxing is recommended to enhance the gloss finish of the topcoat; it also offers further protection to the film. This can be done as normal. ​ 5. As a wax build up can be unsightly we recommend the use of our specially formulated Jules Sturgess Edge Serum which is available separately or as part of our after care kit. Our kits contains products which, through our experience, are formulated to be most compatible with the film and that we use when preparing the car before and after film. Please note that edges do gather dirt and this can be noticeable on white / very light cars. It is easy to maintain though and remove just by wiping off with the cleaner we provide.
  • Can I use a pressure washer?
    It is ok to use a pressure washer. However, it is very important to make sure that you do not direct the jet towards the edge of the film at close range.
  • How long is it guaranteed for? Is it warrantied?
    The Company uses PPF from various manufacturers who give their own guarantees of film life time, resistance to yellowing, cracking, delamination, peeling, bubbling and other manufacturing and material defects which are passed in full to the Owner following the Work. The Work comes with a 3 year warranty against delamination, peeling and bubbling as a result of any error by the Company in application of the PPF. The Warranty does not cover the penetration or marking of the film subsequent to collection through any cause. The Warranty also does not cover lifting and damage of the material due to post-collection negligence by the Owner in treatment of the PPF. Lifting can occur when using high pressure washers incorrectly and through application of harsh chemicals. Please note: Jules Sturgess Automotive cannot guarantee the quality of re-sprayed paintwork due to the irregularity of products, workmanship and curing processes. Therefore we cannot accept any liability to damage caused by the removal of paint protection film to re-sprayed paintwork.
  • How long does it take to apply?
    It depends on how much you have covered, the complexity of the car, and how many templates are required. Generally, we allow 2 days for a front end coverage and up to a week for a full wrap. Other companies might install quicker but we schedule longer to ensure the fitment is perfect. If it is completed in a shorter time than is scheduled, great, but panels are done until they are faultless; ensuring there is time to do this is better than rushing in our view.
  • I'm still uncertain about having PPF, what should I do?"
    Honestly? At this point, don't get it done! The key is to do your research and understand the limitations of the film. Shop around and ask various fitters the same questions. It can be taken off if you don't like it but that does take time and is chargeable. You are very welcome to come and talk to us, even with your car so we can explain where you will and won't see the film. We usually have cars with PPF in our storage facility which you can look at. Please be aware that: Not all edges can be wrapped. There may have to be relief points (mini edges) so that the film can be wrapped due to its inability to wrap double curvature panels. White cars or light coloured cars will show edges due to the gathering of dirt - however, this can be cleaned easily and maintained in the right manner PPF is not paint! If you choose to have a satin conversion, you will be able to see gloss paint edges in some places if you look close enough. We cannot refund work if a customer decides they don't like it or changes their mind after the job is completed. Our warranty policy doesn't cover this.
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