How do I subscribe to Mod Pass?

1. To subscribe to Mod Pass you will first need to update your Strike Pack to firmware version 2.0.2 or later.​​ 2. If you have not updated before, use the Updater Tool PC: here or Mac: here. Once updated, you will need to go into Mod Central on a PC here. 3. After Mod Central is opened, please connect your Strike Pack. After your Strikepack is connected, a banner will appear at the bottom of Mod Central which will guide you through the subscription process. Please also see the how to subscribe video here.

Why does my new Strike Pack not have Mod Pass on it?

The Mod Pass subscription is tied to your individual unit. If you want Mod Pass on a second unit, it will need to be purchased again. Should the original unit become defective, please reach out to our support team email: as they may be able to assist in a Mod Pass transfer to your new unit.

Does Mod Pass auto renew my subscription?

The Mod Pass subscription does not auto renew. Your subscription lasts a whole year. You can see how long is left on your current subscription in Mod Central by clicking on the green check mark at the bottom left. If you wish to continue using the service, you will have to resubscribe after your subscription ends.

Why is Mod Pass not free?​

Mod Pass is supported by a dedicated team that spends thousands of hours creating and testing new mods and Game Packs, as well as maintaining existing ones for every supported game. Despite this, we keep it at a low and affordable price while we continue to add value to it.

Why does Mod Central not detect my Strike Pack?

If the Strike Pack is still attached to your controller, hold both paddles while you are plugging it into your computer. If you are using an Eliminator, hold buttons 1 & 3 while you are plugging it into your computer. ​If Mod Central still does not detect your unit, please ensure it is detached from your controller and the paddles are not being held. If it persists, please check that the logo eyes on the back light up. Lastly, please try a different USB port on your computer. If you happen to get a driver error, please try our Driver Tool here.

Where is the Mac version of Mod Central?

To use Mod Central on Mac you need OS10.15 or higher. As well as Bootcamp + Windows 10.

Why are my mods not working?

This is usually due to the Strike Pack not being in Game Pack Mode, which is 1 of 3 modes on the unit (Tournament, Mod, and Game Pack Mode). You can access Game Pack Mode by holding the top left select button on the back of the Strike Pack (above the paddle) and tapping the right paddle to cycle through the Game Pack slots. If you are using an Eliminator, ensure that you are holding the map 1 button and tapping button 2 to enter Game Pack Mode. Either way, the logo eyes on the back will now flash, but do not worry as this is to indicate you are in Game Pack Mode. The specific Game Pack slot number that you are using is indicated by the LEDS 1-8 on the top.

Why can I not get into Game Pack Mode?

Please ensure that you are holding the top left select button on the back of the Strike Pack (above the paddle) and tapping the right paddle to enter Game Pack Mode as mentioned in "Why are my mods not working?". If you are using an Eliminator, ensure that you are holding the map 1 button and tapping button 2 to enter Game Pack Mode. Please ensure that you have properly saved your Gamepacks by having clicked SAVE CONFIGURATIONS and SAVE SLOTS TO DEVICE.

What is "Aiming Down Sights (ADS)"?

Aim Down Sights (ADS) is L2 / LT in most default control schemes. It is the button that you use to look down the weapon sights for improved accuracy or to scope in, and this button can move with different control schemes.

What do you mean by "Fully Hold" or "Fully Aiming Down Sights"?

This only applies when ADS or FIRE are on either L2 / LT or R2 / RT. Some mods take advantage of the pressure sensitivity of your triggers. For example, they may only activate when the trigger is held all the way down, or in some cases when it is less than fully held instead. You can ignore this if you play Flipped.

What do you mean by "Fully Move"?

This usually applies to most implementations of the Auto Run mod where the mod will not press the sprint button for you until you have fully moved the stick all the way to the edge, allowing you to still walk or jog if need be.

Will my mod settings save when I disconnect my Strike Pack?

As a general rule of thumb, if you can see the same setting in the Mod Central configuration for your Game Pack, then changes you make during gameplay will also save.

One of my mods worked earlier but now it no longer works, so what happened?

There are many things that could be causing this. If you have already reset, configured and saved your Game Pack again and the issue persists, please check the news page here as the mod may have been changed or patched by the game devs. If there is no information on this or our social media, please contact support at email: and they will assist you further.

My favourite mod was patched so what are you going to do about it?

Mods rely on specific in-game mechanics that are subject to change and can result in functionality being altered or removed at any time.

How do I update my Game Pack to the latest version?

Your Game Packs are updated to the latest version whenever you connect your Strike Pack and SAVE SLOTS TO DEVICE in Mod Central. We recommend reconfiguring your Game Packs first, check for new features and any other changes as mods may have moved.

How do I know there is a new version of my Game Pack?

You can find out about new mods and Gam Pack updates in the News section of the Mod Pass website or Mod Central.

Can I revert to a previous version of a Game Pack?

You cannot and if you could, due to the constantly evolving mechanics of online games, an older version would not be much use anyway.

Why do I only see a few games listed?

You​ are looking at F slot, also known as Mod Mode; take a look at the 8 Game Pack slots.

Can I put copies of the same Game Pack in multiple slots with different settings?

Yes you can and this is popular among our customers.

I really like this mod in game X so why not put it into game Y?

Every mod relies on a specific in-game mechanic that not all games can support.

Do you listen to mod requests and suggestions?

We do our best to respond to reasonable requests and suggestions from our customers.

I custom remapped my controls on my console and now my mods no longer work, what gives?

Mods need to know where your buttons are to function correctly and while we usually support different button and stick layouts through "Match In-Game" settings in Game Packs; custom remapping beyond what is supported will likely cause issues with mods.

The manual for this Game Pack says it requires vibration but I dislike rumbles so what do I do?

Keep vibration ON in your game and console settings. We can globally disable it for you while maintaining compatibility with the Game Pack. Go into the Remapper in Mod Central, check "Disable Rumble" and check "Mirror Advanced Settings" and then save.

How do I completely reset my Strike Pack to factory settings?

When you are 100% sure that you are doing everything correctly as described to address an issue that you are experiencing and have tried everything, performing a Factory Reset of your Strike Pack from the Mod Central Tools drop-down will more than likely resolve your issue.
If for some reason, you cannot get into Mod Central, you can factory reset your Strike Pack by holding the top left and right select buttons on the back of the Strike Pack while you are plugging it in. To factory reset the Eliminator, you hold the buttons 2 & 4 while plugging it in.

Why am I getting “unhandled error” when I open Mod Central or attach the Strike Pack with Mod Central open?

Typically, this can be 1 of 2 things. Your anti-virus is blocking communication with our servers, in which case you will want to disable your anti-virus entirely while attempting to subscribe and use the Mod Central tool. Another common cause of this error message is either region network, date-format, or language being used on your PC. Please try changing your language and changing networks if possible. Please ensure to use the exact current date and time using the American or European format of date and time.

Mod Central is saying my subscription has expired but it has definitely not been a year, or I just subscribed, what gives?

Please ensure to use the exact current date and time using the American or European format of date and time.

I keep getting an error in Mod Central and why can I no longer see my flashed Game Packs to fix it?

This can happen if your Flash Usage is maxed out and we add new features to one of the Game Packs that you have flashed, which then increases its size over the Flash Usage limit. To fix this you will have to reset your Strike Pack to Factory Settings from the Tools drop-down in Mod Central and then proceed to plan out your Game Pack slots again. If you cannot get into Mod Central for some reason, please refer to the second paragraph of "How do I completely reset my Strike Pack to factory settings?".

I have an Eliminator but the instructions tell me to press a paddle, so what do I press?

If you are using the Eliminator, the instructions are still largely the same. Left Paddle = Action Button #1 Right Paddle = Action Button #2 The Eliminator is backwards compatible with all older Game Packs. Newer Game Packs are designed to allow you to put "Paddle Mods" on all 4 Action Buttons, whereas with older Game Packs you can still use Button 3 & 4 as mapped buttons.

Can I use my Strike Pack or Eliminator on PC games?

Strike Pack and its latest iteration, Eliminator, as well as built-in and Mod Pass mods are designed for and tested on the CONSOLE they were intended to be used with. PC is UNSUPPORTED. And outside of the Steam client, compatibility becomes lower. If a PC game fails to detect a controller with the Strike Pack attached or the timing of mods appears to be off, there is nothing our support team can do to help you with it. They are there to provide support when using it with the intended CONSOLE. Any use of the Strike Pack on PC or potential workarounds are at your own discretion and experimentation.

What is the difference between Mod Packs and Game Packs?

The vast majority of our packs fall into the Game Pack only class. Game Packs can be placed in one or more Game Pack slots and are accessed via Game Pack Mode. They have a different Menu Mode (if they have a Menu Mode) and they can have a few or a lot of class mods. Mod Packs which are few, more closely resemble the structure of the built-in mods. They have a familar Mod Menu system and they use the top LEDS to display enabled mods. They are constrained to F Slot / Mod Mode which means they replace the built-in mods and are accessed via Mod Mode, however nowadays we provide a Game Pack version in most cases. In almost all cases, Game Pack or Mod Pack, you never have to touch a Menu Mode or Mod Menu. You can if you want to but everything can be configured in Mod Central or in some cases on-the-fly during gameplay.